6 month jail sentante for limerick man

Tuesday 19 January 77966 Shares

6 month jail sentante for limerick man

Judge Tom O'Donnell has handed down a 6 month jail sentence to a Tyrone McNamara of college Avenue Moyross, Mr McNamara has 23 previous convictions all related to road traffic offences,

while I court judge Tom O'Donnell told Mr McNamara that he will not stand for this thuggery and first gave Mr McNamara a 6 month suspended sentence to which Mr McNamara replied with pulling his pants down and swinging his penis in a helicopter motion to which judge Tom O'Donnell replied by lifting the suspension and said that Mr McNamara will do the 6 months to the day and he will revisit this indecent exposure of on December of this year and has said he won't be going lightly for abusing the court

Judge Tom O'Donnell has also requested a psychiatric evaluation of Mr McNamara because he was seen twitching uncontrollably and sweating profusely in court prior to the indecent exposure.

Mr McNamara was remanded in custody until his next appearance in December.