Alabama residents, love your diesel? Not anymore

Thursday 01 October 36186 Shares

Alabama residents, love your diesel? Not anymore

The state of Alabama had called an end to the diesel truck era. No more will diesel trucks be allowed on the road, and are being considered illegal due to being environmentally unfriendly. If you own a diesel you will be sent a letter in the mail by the end of March 2017 telling you to turn your coal rollers in, or face a lengthy jail sentence.

Governor Robert Bentley of Alabama has stated that this isn't a total loss for our great people of this great state, but you will be rewarded with two eco boosts or your choice. He finds this only fair since you have to turn in your "useless junk" for something more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly. Bentley stated this can be the first step in drawing our great state closer together.

If this infuriates you then suck it up because it was completely fake. Have a nice day????