21 Year old Sudanese Australian Ayuel Marial declares for the 2017 NBA Draft

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21 Year old Sudanese Australian Ayuel Marial declares for the 2017 NBA Draft

By Simon Anderson|March 24, 2016|Nsw rep basketball, Aussie hoops, player spotlight, photography by Gordon Lobo

Ayuel Marial has announced his decision to declare for the 2017 NBA draft, the 21 year old Sudanese Australian previously committed to The University of Western Kentucky. However due to previous commitments to his local teams in Australia, Ayuel was unable to join the Hilltoppers this previous season. Ayuel has previously stated that he really wanted to play a season of college ball first, but he is aware that it is in every bodies best interests if he by passes university and jumps straight to the NBA, following in the foot steps of other young Australian Sudanese basketball players. Ayuel stated the following " I'm disappointed that I couldn't play a year of college ball, but the NBA is where the big money is at".

Ayuel Marial is expected to be a first round pick in the 2017 NBA draft, scouts are amazed at Ayuels wingspan and standing reach. Scouts Fred Fricki and Jaime kazi were impressed with the 6ft8 wingspan of Ayuel Marial who stands at only 6ft1. Scout Fred Fricki stated the following " for have a 6ft8 reach is amazing, it really helps Ayuel and his ability lock down other opponents. Scout Jaime Kazi had this to say about Ayuel - " he really has all the tools, he can shoot, defend, make left handed layups and on a good day get nearly get some nice dunks.

Ayuel has stated that he hopes to be drafted somewhere between the 10-30 range and hopes to be drafted by the Miami heat or the golden state warriors. Ayuel stated " I've always wanted to follow in the footsteps of Dwayne Wade, so I would love to play for the heat, but I also love Stephen curry and especially Draymond Green, so to play with the warriors would also be a blessing." It is understood that Ayuel has kept quiet about his commintment to western Kentucky and also about his decision to declare for the draft. Ayuel stated " you can't trust people, they just hate, so I just gotta say, hi haters, how you doing, I know that you hating on me, the more that you hate on me, the more that I do my thing. "

Ayuel Marial is planning to finally make the journey to America within the next two months, so scouts can finally see what a phenomenal talent the 21 year old guard is. We like to wish Ayuel Marial the best of luck in his future endeavours and hopefully one day he can represent our national team, with fellow Australian NBA stars.