Queen Elizabeth II Activates Hidden provision in Declaration of Independence

Wednesday 28 October 28695 Shares

Queen Elizabeth II Activates Hidden provision in Declaration of Independence

London. In a rather surprising move, Buckingham Palace has declared that it is going to activate a hidden provision in the Declaration of Independence. Her Majesty was approached by royal advisers, who informed her that there is a hidden clause in the declaration that allows her to regain control of the american colonies.

Ian Higgs, a historian and royal adviser inform Her Majesty that after exhaustive research, he concluded that there was a hidden code in the text of the declaration that was slipped in by one of the authors in the event that their grand vision were to fail. "These men were pragmatists," Higgs stated, "They knew that as bad as the situation was to cause them to break from English Rule, that this could eventually come back home again."

The discovery of code was through collaborative help of noted American Historian and code breaker: Dan Brown. Brown went on record saying that he couldn't have written better fiction! He went on to say that this would be the basis for a wonderful movie and suggested Tom Hanks as the lead role!

Her Majesty will be issuing a press release at noon, London Time, where she will lay out the logistics of the take over. She made it clear that this agreement only applied to the original thirteen colonies. The rest she didn't fancy.

In local news, a celebrated Ohio Plumber named Joe went on record by saying "Oh she can have the whole of the east coast -- nothing good ever comes from there.