Spazman Simmons To Run For POTUS In 2020

Friday 27 November 8969 Shares

Spazman Simmons To Run For POTUS In 2020

In an announcement to be made in the next 24 hours, Craig "Spazman" Simmons will proclaim that he is running for the office of President Of The United States in the 2020 elections.

Simmons was quoting as saying, "We need real government leadership that places the well being of the citizens of the United States as a priority. We need to stop pampering the rest of the world, and straighten up our own problems domestically."

Simmons will be running for office as a candidate of neither the Republican or Democrat parties. Simmons is implementing his own third party called "SpazParty".

"My platform is simple. Work hard, play harder".