Big Foot sighting in Floyd County, Ga.

Monday 26 October 47337 Shares

The latest sighting of Big Foot was reported today September 28, 2017 by two deer hunters prepping their hunting site before the season begin for the year.
The 23 year old hunter who did not want his name release stated him and his hunting buddy was fastening their two man tree stand to the biggest oak tree that they could find in the area. The hunters said they were at the point of finishing up strapping the stand to the tree and they were about fourteen feet up the tree when they heard a loud noise of something walking at first they thought they would get their first sighting of the deer in the area then the notice the sound sounded as if it was a man walking on two feet. He said just as they were about to call down to the person and let them know he was trespassing on their hunting area when they noticed a large head standing above other trees in the area. They said the large ape looking head was almost at the same height as they were. They said as it got closer they could tell that the Ape looking creature was diffently walking up right just like a man. The two hunters stated they were very frightened and they just set as still as possible in their stand. They watched the creature until it crossed Harmony Road and went into woods at the end of Grayfield Road at which time the hunters climb down and ran to their truck. The hunters said they discussed among themselves rather they should say anything about what they had seen. They said they felt obligated for the safety for other hunters to report the incident. That's when they called the Rome News. When asked by the Rome News reporter if they will be hunting the area. The hunters said not unless they hear that someone shots Big Foot.