Instagram user @TruckRice has been exposed and could be facing jail time.

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Instagram user @TruckRice has been exposed and could be facing jail time.

BIRMINGHAM, AL (WBRC) -- A 15-year-old boy accused of making threats over social media said his Instagram account was just for fun. A popular Instagram user by the name of "TruckRice" has been hiding behind his accounts while bullying kids and adults that own trucks.

In one post of some boys next to their truck he wrote, "Fukboi Friday's. Lookin like they been paralyzed from the neck down for 10 years and somebody stood em all up for a quick gram pic".

TruckRice has even been on WJBF News before for bullying comments that attempted to ruin Breana Marrero-Welch's Easy Breezy Photography business in Columbia County.
“I’ve been called fat. I’ve been called a whale. I’ve been compared to the Michelin Man,” Marrero-Welch said.

Investigators told us they have been tracking the anonymous TruckRice for over a year. It was only now that they were finally able to get a brakethrough. "It is getting harder and harder to track users down. This user in particular would make a new account when his would get banned for bullying and harassment. That made our search a challenge."

The user was caught posting on the account at a local truck event in Birmingham, Alabama by 21-year-old Tony Carlson. Tony said, "I cannot stand when someone like this ruins the truck community. We are all here to have fun and show off our trucks no matter what they look like... I saw him posting on the TruckRice account when we were next to my truck and immediately called the police."

Birmingham Police Department has yet to release the name of the person behind the account but told us that he goes by "Yee, Yee". They informed us that no action has been taken yet but it looks like possible jail time.