Preston Hopper officially announced his exit to Kiran's life

Saturday 30 May 92768 Shares

Preston Hopper officially announced his exit to Kiran's life

Actor and rapper Preston Hopper, better known as Lil $cars, has officially announced his departure from the premium show "Kiran's Life."

This is one of his biggest roles yet as well as playing Liam Banket in premium series "Lion Den." The reason he acts on shows that cost extra money to watch and are only available in limited areas is because he gets payed more for the privacy.

Kiran's Life is a show based on a young girl from a Muslim family who does not want to be a Muslim and does not see the same beliefs as her family. Hopper plays the character "Aaron Jameshaw" starting off as Kiran's best friend to becoming her boyfriend. The characters dated from the very first season and Hopper's role was to show Kiran life outside the Muslim religion.

It was rumoured 2 months ago that Hopper would be leaving the show due to his focus on music not acting. This week remours came true as the character leaves the town to live in America with his cousin.

His last scene showed an emotional goodbye to Kiran, her saying she couldn't leave her family behind and go with him and him saying he needed to follow his dream and go to Hollywood with his cousin. It was emotional but a good ending to such a phonomanel storyline.

Hopper is focusing on his music for now but is still involved in some other premium programs.