Man caught stealing plants.

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Man caught stealing plants.

Willoughby,ohio police have arrested a man they say stole approximately $6,000 worth of hanging and potted plants and other property from local Home Depot, Lowe's and Marc's.

Anthony M DeVito, 35, stole the property from the stores at multiple locations over the course of two to three years, court documents allege.

Detectives executed a search warrant at Mr.DeVito's northeast Ohio home Saturday after they were tipped off about the thefts by an employee and loss prevention officers at the lowes store in Willoughby, who said Mr.DeVito was caught on surveillance video.

Mr.DeVito was arrested after officers found 158 hanging and potted plants, many of which still had tags on them, court documents state.

The plants were found on a metal plant hanging stand, which was stolen from a Lowe's store, according to court documents. The plants with tags on them were valued at close to $3600, according to Willoughby police.

Court documents further allege that Mr.DeVito was trying to sell the plants online. Police say interested buyers stopped by the home this weekend as they searched the property.

Detectives say $3953 worth of the stolen property found at Mr.DeVito's home belonged to home depot, $1883 belonged to Lowe's and $1031 belonged to Marc's.

According to court documents, Mr. DeVito told his wife that he had been working nights at a nursery, which is where all the plants were coming from. Mr.DeVito is currently being held on $25,000 bond at the lake county jail in Painesville,Ohio.