Codyphg Is Apparently The "Worst Fortnite Player In The World"

Thursday 28 January 39484 Shares

Codyphg Is Apparently The

After going through hours and hours of Fortnite stat tracker we have found out that the worst Fortnite player goes by the name of Codyphg. He can be labeled as "Dog water" and "Walking 50 pot" because of how bad he is at the game. We also have come to the conclusion that he "couldn't kill a default that was standing still". Later we found out that in every game he has played he is carried by FaZe_xXKillerXx1 and NathanPetie. His replays are horrible and watching his game play will make people sick. We think because of how bad he is, he might have a disability or shitatfortnitedisease but we have not confirmed that yet. There is other diseases it could be such as Walking50potdisease or Free-erthenfreedisease. Our researches are taking this day by day and will update when ever we can.