Codyphg Has One Of The BIggest Diets In The World

Thursday 28 January 40090 Shares

Codyphg Has One Of The BIggest Diets In The World

If you haven't already met Codyphg then you might as well live in a cave because our company has posted numerous articles about him trying to prove our point. But today we are looking at Codyphg's diet. In one day his diet consists of 32 Gallons of Chocolate Milk, 435 Pizza Rolls, 832 Fruit Snack, 1564 M&M's and Not to mention he poops 3,133 times every hour. If you haven't seen his belly then you probably are blind because his belly is also nicknamed "Earth". The stuff below our feet is not actually soil it is Cody's soil (poop). We have worked hard to have everything we want. Many people say they have the world in their hand but Codyphg can safely say he has the world on his belly. All of the volcano's are just his pimple's and when they erupt that is his pimples popping.

To explain more of the world the ocean is just Cody's Belly button and all of the "Mystic Sea Creatures" are just belly button lint. Cody can be known for many thing such as Worst Fortnite player and even his horrendous football skills. The Earthquakes are just the noise Cody's belly makes when he is hungry. All of the Tsunami's and Hurricane's are just Cody peeing. Cody also is the Unbeaten World Champion Sumo Wrestler with 2,345,432,846,726,098,721,762 KO's. If you have need read any of our other articles here are the links.

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