Samuel 'Da Sam' Pugs Caught Chasing a Kitty

Sunday 20 June 2059 93291 Shares

Samuel 'Da Sam' Pugs Caught Chasing a Kitty

Late Thursday night, police were called to the scene of the living room after onlookers reported a sudden outburst of agreesive behavior from Samuel Pugs, 13. "He was calmly sitting next to me and then he just charged at (the victim) with no provoking" Bandit, 10 or "Black Boy" as he is known by his friends was the victim. "I'm alright," he stated to the police, adding "I could take him out of I really wanted to and he knows it". When Mr. Pugs owners were asked to comment, through tears they said "you think you know someone and then they just change". Bandit declined to press charges.

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