HSE staff quits job over being blamed for stealing toilet roll

Sunday 20 June 2059 18226 Shares

HSE staff quits job over being blamed for stealing toilet roll

Lisa Henderson has been working for the HSE for 12 year's now, she was asked up to a meeting only to find that they wanted to go through her bag, when she asked why she was told "Every time your on toilet paper seems to go missing". Lisa told our reporter that she couldn't believe it, why would they think this, in a rage she's quit her job, members of the staff at the HSE care home have said that even though they would never believe Lisa would steal it was a little strange that everytime she went to the toilet she left no toilet paper, Lisa said to our reporter "I'm not letting this go, I'll go further with this, this is bullying" she also said off the record that it's not unusual for her to go through 3 toilet rolls a day, we'll keep you posted on any further action

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