Bay City man wins $250,000, then winds up behind bars 7 days later.

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Bay City man wins $250,000, then winds up behind bars 7 days later.

October 27th, 2016

A Bay City man is currently in police custody and being questioned by detectives after an explosion on the 2900 block of Garfield st.

Neighbours said they heard a noise “like a bomb going off” which shook nearby houses and left debris in he street.

Detectives are currently probing into claims by locals that his parents residence, where he resides, was being used to make methamphetamine. Neighbors said they thought it was strange that he only responded when they called him Walter White from the popular television show "Breaking Bad".

"I consider myself to be a Heisenberg in the making." John Kennell said behind a house of flames. Kennell, 27, just won $250,000 on a Michigan State Lottery scratch off ticket said he had invested all of his winning to fund his crystal meth operation. Kennell said "Some people in this area have medical marijuana cards and grow their own product, I thought I could reach into the market of the people who aren't into marijuana."

"I'm heartbroken, I spent so much money on scratch offs to win this quarter of a million dollars and now it's all gone. All that I have left is my pride, and it is dwindling away behind these jail cell bars."

He admitted, "If I could do it all over, I wouldn't change a thing, I'd still be trying to reach out to the crystal meth market that I feel is wide open in the Tri-City era."

Kennell is currently being held on a $5,000,000 bond or 10 cash surety.

Follow Mlive as we will update this case as more information comes available.

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