Man sought for paternity cases

Sunday 20 June 2059 4398 Shares

Man sought for paternity cases

In a follow-up to the original story here at,we have learned that as many as 12 women are seeking financial settlements for child support against the entertainer known as "Dub-X".

Sources tell us that once his legal and stage names were released together, multiple women came forward claiming to have birthed children fathered by him. A spokesman for one of the women said she was disappointed to be one of the alleged "74 percent" and that she plans on doing everything she can to "secure her child's financial future". Another of the alleged mothers we spoke to claims to have spoken with Dub about her child, and says he replied by leaving when he told her he was getting her a towel to clean herself with.

We have attempted to contact him for comment,but have been unsuccessful.

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