Rhiannon on the run????

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Rhiannon on the run????

At 23:30 p.m. On Wednesday 2nd of November 2016, police officers were dispatched to kingsway park regarding loud music, and abuse shouted at by-passers. The suspect was witnessed holding a yellow speaker blasting tunes and raving by herself. I met with Seanah Lea regarding this incident as she usually spends her time on this park, Miss Lea said she parked her bike just next to the bench that night, and went to the shop nearby to return a gone-off packet of quavers. When she returned to the crime scene, she could see Rhiannon speeding off on her bicycle. As far as the police department investigators are concerned, Rhainnon also stole Seanah's bike. The police conducted a survey of the crime scene but found no items of evidence. Only a bike lock which had been cut through with a sharp item, maybe her teeth. Rhiannon was last seen wearing velvet flares, Jesus sandals and a leather jacket with pink Pom-pons attached to the zips.If anyone has any at all information regarding this girl, please contact Tarnbrook chippy- 01524 6753 47.

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