Rapper Arrested after hearing man half to death

Friday 06 August 2059 8481 Shares

Rapper Arrested after hearing man half to death

25 year old Natchitoches, LA rapper Young Teezay also known as Tramyiane Mobley has been arrested today and booked on assault charges. When asked why is he so angry the rapper responds "Every b**** a** n**** that try to holla at my baby momma gone get that Stone Cold WWF a** whoopin" When told he can't beat everyone who tries to conversate with his baby mother the rapper also respond with " You got me f**ked up' I wouldn't give a f**k if you was Obama you can still get that presidential a** beat and idgaf cause I warned everybody". Suspect has been booked but later released but arrested again for pulling his pants down and yelling "Suck my D***, my baby d***, and my grandma d***. More charges are pending.

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