Heath to forgo safety career, return to cheerleading

Saturday 12 June 2059 44426 Shares

Heath to forgo safety career, return to cheerleading

Amie King Heath knows a thing or two about a back handspring as a four year letter in cheer, she's had to fill of flips, flops and tumbles. Once school was over she moved her focus towards a career in safety. There she spent many years completing life saving work such as lockout/tagout procedures, fall protection and even emergency response, "I can't tell you how many lives I've saved", Heath responded.

That's all behind her now! After much thought and a whole lot of consideration, she's decided to try her hand at coaching cheerleaders! One of her fellow co-workers Danny Belay had this to say, "I knew that it was her calling, I've been hounding her for years about it". Suffice it to say, there will soon be a very happy group of girls who will be proud to call her "coach"!

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