Crown Point man forfeits recent jackpot at Horseshoe Casino

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Crown Point man forfeits recent jackpot at Horseshoe Casino

Follow up to a story from Friday 4/21/2017:

A Crown Point man who won a large jackpot at Horseshoe Casino early Friday morning was unable to claim his winnings. Manager, Don Nita, stated Friday a middle age man won a jackpot but was unable to claim his prize because he did not have proper identification. The winner, later identified as Mervyn Chan, was escorted off the property early Friday morning. State gaming laws require you provide a government issued ID for winnings over fifteen hundred dollars and claim your prize within 24 hours. Nita stated, the winner of Friday's jackpot in the sum of over three hundred and fifty thousand dollars was, "Intoxicated and unable to provide acceptable ID." The winner was told he could return within 24 hours to claim his winnings with accompanying required identification. Mr. Nita stated, "Mervyn returned the following day but was refused entry into the casino because he appeared to be still intoxicated. He could not be understood and was mumbling excessively." Reports filled by the casino property stated that Mervyn was slurring his speech and smelt like hard liquor. "We wanted badly to be able to award Mr. Chan the jackpot, but Indiana law refused this opportunity," Nita commented. We tried to reach Mr. Chan for comment, but he could not be readily understood. He was offered 2 free buffets, 4 tickets for the upcoming Kool and The Gang concert, and a complimentary dinner at Jack Binion's Steakhouse for 4 people the next time he returns. Unfortunately for Meryn, he is no longer a jackpot winner.

Original Story Dated 4/21/2017 9:38 A.M. >> 4/22/2017 1:38 Zulu Time

Merv Chan of Crown Point Indiana hit the Lucky Seven progressive jackpot at the Horseshoe casino Friday early morning. He wasn't immediately paid because he did not have his photo id with him at the time he hit the jackpot. Casino workers also said he appeared intoxicated and found a bottle of Jameson in his sweatshirt. The manager on duty said he could claim his winnings if he comes back within the specified time with a valid ID and without the flask of Jameson. The winning jackpot was for $329,462.57. Asked how he plans to spend the winnings, Mr. Chan stated, "I want to buy a big boat, and all my friends some Jameson." Mr. Chan then promptly left to retrieve his photo ID.

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