.ew York man finds his TV remote!!!

Friday 06 August 2059 50553 Shares

.ew York man finds his TV remote!!!

After years of searching, Dennis Horvitz, a resident of New York City, found his TV remote control device.

"I was absolutely shocked to find it," said Horvitz as EMT personnel finished their exam to determine if his heart had borne significant stress.

"I had actually given up hope. I hadn't bothered to even look for it after the first couple of years. I was on my hands and knees searching behind a dresser for a pair of socks to wear when, WHAMMO! I picked up the socks and was about to sniff them to see if they were wearable when I looked down and there it was. What was really spooky was that one of the pre-programmed channels was still set to "Gilligan's Island."

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