Shirtless, America-Crazed Hoodlum Terrorizes Google Hangouts

Saturday 08 May 2059 59517 Shares

Shirtless, America-Crazed Hoodlum Terrorizes Google Hangouts

A brazen, soccer-obsessed yokel has taken to circulating numerous self portrait photographs, known colloquially as "selfies" to unsuspecting friends and acquaintances via Google's popular Hangouts chat program.

The images, which began circulating on Wednesday, July 19th, have reportedly caused reactions ranging from violent physical illness to asphyxiation-inducing hysterical fits.

Image data indicates that the photos were originally taken at GPS coordinates located inside the technical city limits of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in a neighborhood that was at one time known for rampant lawlessness. Experts advise that digital media distributed over the Internet cannot be contained by geographic boundaries, and that all Google Hangouts users who wish to avoid exposure should remain vigilant.

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