Saquatch Found Washington

Sunday 13 June 2059 74348 Shares

Saquatch Found Washington

A Live Sasquatch was found near Mount St. Helens. Two people were hiking and camping in the back woods near Mount Saint Helens, Washington when they came upon an abandoned baby Sasquatch. It seemed to be left alone to die. The hikers put the infant in a back-pack and hiked nearly 8 miles out of the wilderness where they were able to get a phone signal. They contacted local authorities , Who immediately sent in local park officials . They took the baby to a secure facility where scientist will study the animal to see what species it is. The local park oficials believes it to be some type of ape but more testing and scientific testing and blood samples will tell if it is from an ape family. Local authorities say it was very weak and may not make it but will update findings as soon as possible.

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