Oak Hill West Virginia to Officially Change Name

Sunday 13 June 2059 14996 Shares

Oak Hill West Virginia to Officially Change Name

APP - Fayette County West Virginia

Local Officials voted in a split decision Wednesday to officially change the name of the City of Oak Hill to the it's more common pronunciation: "O'Kill" This will finally reconcile a nearly 200 year old discrepancy in how the town was spelled versus how it was always pronounced. "We have always called this city O'Kill since my great grandfather settled here back in 1825" said town elder and local official, Chester Drawers, "Now it is finally settled." Not all townspeople are happy with the decision. Resident historian Smokie Chimley said that she has been involved in efforts to fight the name change measure. "This change can not stand, I understand that this is how we have pronounced the name, but grammar and spelling are important.", said Chimley. However, as of this reporting, the change has been voted on and adopted and is now law. Signs and official documents as well as websites and social media are all expected to reflect the changes before the end of this year. Welcome to "O'Kill" The Pride of the Plateau.

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