Oak Hill Permanently Under A Water Boil Advisory

Sunday 13 June 2059 59682 Shares

Oak Hill Permanently Under A Water Boil Advisory

A small community in Fayette County West Virginia has been placed on a boiled water advisory until 2020. The notice comes 3 days after the community lost water due to the Boy Scouts needing most of the community's water to fill up 3 large swimming pools and 2 giant lakes. When reporters spoke to locals about the situation some were concerned and some were not. An individual who wanted to be identified as Dee Rug Deeler stated, "This water shortage has really damaged my business." Mr. Deeler is worried about how is supposed to cook his ingredients for one of his special recipes. We also spoke to Methem Fetamine who said, "I dont mind it. I prefer the taste of boiled water." President Trump will be coming to town early next week to test the water for himself. Stayed tuned for more updates about the crisis.

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