Patriot Fans jumping off the bandwagon in droves

Saturday 08 May 2059 35845 Shares

Patriot Fans jumping off the bandwagon in droves

Even though the New England Patriots are in the midst of an unmatched dynasty, good things must eventually come to an end. Since the turn of the century, the Patriots have been one of the most dominant Sports Franchises, with an astonishing 5 Super Bowl Wins. However, eventually dominant players start aging, begin to retire and winning becomes cyclical.

For Patriot Fans, such as Brett Matte, they need to look elsewhere for satisfaction. Brett, on his recent birthday, remarked that 'the Patriots have been the best NFL team for almost half of my's a good thing, because it distracted me while my other favourite team, the Leafs, were the laughing stock of their league.' Hopefully this year I will have the Leafs to fall back on.

* This article was written as the Patriots were in the basement of the AFC East and the Leafs playoff streak was at 1.

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