The real highlander

Sunday 20 June 2059 4034 Shares

The real highlander

A young man the age of 41 was killed in an accident caused by a semi truck, a piece of suspension broke off hitting the 41 year old man from Runge Texas directly in the face crushing every bone in his face...And this fatality happened on highway 72 between Runge and Kenedy Texas at 4pm Sunday afternoon...the man suffered severe head trauma lacerations to the face and the loss of vision in his right eye....the family of the young man gave me a statement saying the young man died for a total time of 8 hours any friends of this young man known as jayc, it saddens me to inform you that today i learned that he has left this world and is finally resting now, my condolences to you all, but think of it like this, he's in a better place now. Reporting for the Karnes county paper this is Joe B. take care and God bless you all.....

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