Halsey Found Dead

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Pop sensation "Ashley Nicolette Frangipane" Known as "Halsey" was found dead as of, (Thursday, March 8th 2018) it seems the death happened by a new synthetic drug that has become popular over the the last year. Fentanyl, also spelled fentanil, is an opioid which is used as a pain medication and together with other medications for anesthesia. It has a rapid onset and effects generally last less than an hour or two. Fentanyl is available in a number of forms including by injection, as a skin patch, and to be absorbed through the tissues inside the mouth, but this was not the case for Halsey. She got tricked into taking it with the marijuana she was smoking and did not know it was Fentanyl.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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