Albany GA closed until further notice.

Friday 06 August 2059 34424 Shares

Albany GA closed until further notice.

Due to all the Golden State fans, that use to be Atlanta Hawks fans that are now buying Toronto gear and GA Bulldog fans that are now Clemson fans the Albany Mayor has decided to close the city until they figure out who is who.
"Its a real problem" says one Lee Co. resident known only as Pork Chop. "Us Bulldogs can't figure out how to beat Alabama so we just jumped on the Clemson bandwagon. It's a win win."
One local Albany resident (who was asked to remain anonymous) was spotted walking out of the mall yesterday with a Raptors jersey was asked what he thought of the recent success of his basketball team he stated "Best thing to ever happen to Georgia, glad one of them Canadian teams didn't win.

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