San Diego chef wins dozens of awards for "Nunez's Family Cum Cakes"

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San Diego chef wins dozens of awards for

London-It was sundown as San Diego based chef Cesar Nunez cooked a 5 course meal fron The Royal family and Bono at an undisclosed location in London in which Gordon Ramsay also was in attendance.

However the highlight of the five course meal was the dessert "Nunez's family cum cakes" which had gained Nunez international acclaim. A simple pancake recipe using Russian and Mexican recipes. But, the most important ingredient, is Mr. Nunez's own semen.

"That's why I call it the family cum cakes." Nunez said red eyed, coked up, and smiling "It literally has my family in it!"

The cum cakes were reportedly a hit at the dinner with Prince Charles saying "I've had many semen based recipes in my life. But, this is by far the most exquisite meal I've ever had the pleasure of tasting!" With his disgraced brother, Prince Andrew saying, "Look Epstein told me the age of consent in Kentucky was 15! Oh, you're not with The US Justice department. Oh, I mean yes these semen flapjacks aren't disgusting at all!"

Gordon Ramsay was also impressed saying

"When I first saw Cesar, drunk, and ejaculating into the fucking pancake batter, I wanted to throttle his little fuckin Slovak neck! But, boy I just closed my eyes and told myself I wasn't about to consume another man's cum, it was just fucking creme fraiche. And, boy did that man's cum taste like the best god damn creme fraiche I've ever had!" Ramsay said crying begging Mr. Nunez to make his "Nunez's familia cum cakes" at his Paris based restaurant. Telling Nunez "...the fucking French love fresh cum!"

When asked about his future culinary plans, Nunez told reporters

"I'm thinking about releasing a line of semen based food products. I'm also gonna open up my own restaurant in Vegas."

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