Lil $cars says his music nearly killed him

Thursday 22 April 20025 Shares

Lil $cars says his music nearly killed him

13-year-old Preston Hopper, better known as Lil $cars, has took to his twitter feed to say he may take a long break from music which could last up to a year. His reasoning was that his music nearly killed him. He quoted "I stayed up for 4 days straight, writing and producing, stressed outta my mind, nearly passing out many times" the rapper said that by the 4th day he fell down the stairs which could have ended in a fatal way. He hit the back of his head of the corner of the wall at the bottom of the stairs, knocking him unconscious and taking a serious amount of blood out of him. He says he wants a break from music because his obsession has got seriously fatal, he said his break could last a few days or it could last a year, he really doesn't know how long he needs.

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