Merced gym members may contract Covid-19

Sunday 13 June 2059 92442 Shares

Merced gym members may contract Covid-19

In Merced, California, where gyms are open despite spike in Covid-19, there is a high chance that at least on of its members have Covid-19. Some gym goers are confident that wiping down the equipment is enough to prevent the spread of the virus. But there is no conclusive proof of that. Moreover, wiping down equipment may also not be done perfectly leaving chances of Covid-19 spread pretty high.

Due to a lack of testing and also patients being asymptomatic, there is very little chance of stopping the virus before many people have been infected. This is a particularly troublesome scenario for many because they may not medical insurance or despite having the medical insurance, may face big medical bills that pushes them into the trap of debt.

When it comes to Covid-19, it may be best to workout from home and go on runs while avoiding crowded places that are hotbeds of infection.

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