Wedding of the century: Riebe-Przespolewski : so monumental it was held twice!

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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On a beautiful October Saturday, Mr. Nicholas Przespolewski exchanged wedding vows with Miss Brittany Riebe at Saint Thomas More Catholic Church in Munster Indiana. The Rev. Michael J. Yadron, KCHS officiated. The bride walked down the aisle accompanied by her father, Mr. William Riebe. The bride's mother, MS Lori Riebe waited to join her husband to answer the question, "Who gives this woman to be joined in marriage" Mr. Riebe answer for them with, "her mother and I do" Mrs. Riebe wore a flowing violet-colored floor-length gown with an embellished top while her husband wore a tuxedo matching those of the groomsmen. The bride's six attendants wore halter style navy floor-length gowns in easy georgette fabric and carried bouquets of bright coral spider mums. Miss Riebe was beautifully attired in a Mermaid silhouette embroidered in a delicate floral pattern. She carried a bouquet of soft coral-colored roses and spider mums with hints of navy blue berries adding contrast.
Mr. Przespolewski waited at the altar wearing a light light gray tuxedo with a matching vest. A classic tie in a dark blue and white shirt was chosen to complete his ensemble. he was accompanied by his friend and best man, Alonzo Cavazos. The maid of honor was Miss Jillian

Due to the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus impacting all social gatherings in 2020, the attendees were limited to immediate family and attendants, appropriately socially distanced.
During the ceremony, Father Yadron recounted some of his personal memories from his long history as the bride's family priest. Rings were blessed and exchanged. The couple then pledged their covenant between themselves and God of their commitment to a lifelong union.
The ceremony ended when Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Brittany Przespolewski turned toward the small gathering to be introduced as a married couple for the first time.
A photography session followed, with immediate family members before all joined an extended guest list for a civil ceremony and reception at Aberdeen Manor in Valparaiso Indiana. The second ceremony was held in a secluded garden setting when again, rings were exchanged. In a unique twist, Nicholas presented his bride with a second wedding band to accompany both the beautiful engagement ring he had given her when he proposed almost three years earlier during a trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida and the ring he had placed on her finger a mere three hours earlier.
Everyone then retreated to the reception hall where a plated dinner, drinks, and camaraderie was shared by all. Following the meal of chicken and steak, music for dancing was provided by the very energetic and talented disk jockey Anthony Key Of Trans-Audio.

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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