Codyphg, Confirmed The "Worst Fortnite Player In the World"

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Codyphg, Confirmed The

After we have done research and gone through replays we can confirm officially Codyphg is the worst Fortnite player in the world. We looked at his creative replays from last night when he was playing a creative map called 3v3v3v3 Go Goated and who was playing with. Here is the list of people who he was with in the server, FaZe_xXKillerXx1, NathanPetie, Gavinsdp, RomanYeet81, Frosty-_-Clix, and EthanBrandsc128. When we have replayed the chats that went on there were comments such as "Dog Water", "He's one tap", "Your Trash", "He's Hacking", and "1v1 me". Codyphg only averaged 2.1 kills per 10 rounds on the map. That is absolute Dog Water stats and He needs to practice. He is Free er then Jayden Kemp in the ocean and is a Walking 50 pot. We have serious concerns about his mental health because how bad he is at the game.

There is so many names we could list for Codyphg but it can cause mental instability and make him doubt his skills. After watching the creative replays from last night we have found out that he gets lazered in the sky. We also watched many times where he got 220 pumped in the face (which was almost every round) and we think he should delete the game. Codyphg has been labeled the "Worst Fortnite Player" for many reasons and I hope we have proven them to you. If you need more information here you go. Codyphg only averages 0.78 Kills per hour played in creative beating the old record that was set by Jack Juste who is mentally disability and has no arms. Jacks record low was 1.89 Kills per hour on creative and Codyphg just happened to absolutely obliterate that record by not even averaging a kill. There is so much stats out there that prove our theory and the next paragraph will explain.

Codyphg was averaging 58.92 deaths per hour on creative crushing the record set by Jack which was previously 32.87. He also has one of the worst PR in fortnite at 15,864,234 taking dead last. If that isn't enough to convince you maybe this is. Codyphg has an all time low in kills to death ratio in creative which is 0.000000004 meaning he has died over a million times with only a few kills. He also has statistically the worst placements in Arena's over a 10 match span placing in the 90's all ten times. I think we have convinced you enough but if we haven't here is some contact info. Add Codyphg on Fortnite. Call our toll free number at 1-877-KARS-FORKIDS
and please donate your car today. Also here is my email [email protected]

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