South East Portland Woman wanted by Portland Police for a drive shooting On Monday night

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South East Portland Woman wanted by Portland Police for a drive shooting On Monday night

Police are searching For a 24 year old woman by the name of Megan Anderson who is from Southeast Portland after she fired multiple rounds at a house in Northeast Portland Monday night after investigators say the homeowner told her to stop picking flowers in the front yard.
The shooting happened at about 6 p.m. near Northeast 63rd Avenue and Hoyt Street.
When officers arrived, they found four .45-caliber casings in the street.
A resident on the block said they asked a woman to stop picking flowers from their front yard without their permission at around 5:30 p.m. The resident told police the woman left in a white, four-door 2011 Toyota Corolla that drove southbound on Northeast 63rd Avenue.
Less than a half-hour later, the resident said a similar white Toyota Camery car drive by and fired four shots into the front of the resident's house. The driver was traveling north on Northeast 63rd Avenue and a witness said a woman was driving the car and running multiple red lights. Officers later called the k-9 until to no avail as another witness with same description told police she pulled into his drive way and grabbed his shovel as if pretending to yard work on his lawn and different police cruisers sped my his house searching for her. After they drove by she she reportedly walked away calmly back to her car and drove off in the opposite direction.
Investigators did not find any damage to the property and police suspect the shooter fired into the air.
Anyone with information about the suspect should contact Sgt. Duilio at 503-823-2109 or [email protected]

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