Tiger Loose in Westville, Florida

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Tiger Loose in Westville, Florida

Monday, May 31st 2021

A zoo in Panama City, Zooworld Park, was transporting a 563 pound tiger known as Kitty. Late last night the truck hauling Kitty ran over a stick, causing the cage to fall off the trailer. The drivers only realized when they arrived to their destination in Atlanta, Georgia.

They phoned 911, and a team of police were sent out to investigate. They retraced the drivers' steps only to find an empty, broken cage on highway 2. Animal Control was called immediately, but after hours of searching, no tiger was found.

Residents living anywhere from South Geneva, Alabama to Caryville, Florida are advised to stay indoors. Small children are not to play outside, and dogs must be kept on leashes, not going too far from the door. If you see the tiger, go inside immediately and call 911. Do not approach it.

The tiger, named Kitty, is black and orange, 563 pounds, and dangerous. All of her claws and teeth are in tact and very sharp. She can run very fast, so stay near doors. In an emergency, you can enter a car; however it is still dangerous. If you're trapped in a car, call 911 and do not exit the vehicle.

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