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BTS. Also known as the Bangtan Boys, has recently talked about marriage in one of their Vlives.
It has been officially announced that BTS is getting married. With who you wonder? Well, BTS has agreed to get married with their girlfriends, ARMY. Yes, you read that right. It is said the wedding to be held on June 9th. ARMY's are blowing up twitter with this hashtag, btsmarriedtoarmy. This is literally big. Even artists shared, like Ed Sheeran," I am so glad BTS is getting married with ARMY. Now I'm kinda relieved that ARMY wont make memes about me..." Haha! How funny! Looks like ARMY wont use Ed Sheeran to make BTS jealous anymore.
Recently on TikTok and on Youtube, there has been posts ARMY's traveling to korea and picking their outfit for the wedding! ARMY's..get ready to get married with BTS!

(i wish this was realㅠㅠ this is fake. i made this for fun. but hey, i know bts has raised your standards so high that you're single forever. but remember, you can always shift ;)

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