Warzone Bowl: Get It In Blood

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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Warzone Bowl: Get It In Blood

‘Twas the night before warzone bowl it was all big boy talks and bets, but the day of warzone bowl they suck ass & ran away from paying they debts’ …The Warzone bowl was epic…everybody came out …S/O to DT and all the fine ass moms in biker shorts and tights for a great event . Huncho Lane stated “ima unregistered sex offender I can’t be round all these women”…oh and S/O to those CP Rams moms who had on them Rams body suit, it’s a couple of yall I wana blow bubbles in yo Booty… but that’s a whole nother article.

Let’s start with 12u Friday Night Showcase RDU vs SRT. If this was a car race it woulda been a SRT vs a ‘98 Honda soccer mom van with 703 thousand miles on it with a oil pan leak and 3 hub cap missing. SRT beat the sinking titanic RDU 28-0. SRT blessed RDU by going home and not finishing the tournament. RDU went on to beat Fairburn BUM ASS flames 7-0, and then won the WZ bowl by beating a true 11u squad called the Atlantic stingrays 14-7. After getting their ass kick Friday night and struggling with a 11u team in the ship, the team decided to fire their head coach has OC and gave Coach Drek the job, who ain’t won since old National. The team complained that Ike gave the ball to their big back Tavares all of the 1st half, the kid came in weighing 187 pounds and by half time he was weighing in at 143 ..that’s how much Ike ran his ass. The rumors are Maddox (the best thing RDU had) has left the team due to his dad is not with the losing shit. Word on the street is he’s going back to Tucker or going to Falcons United. As great as FU 12u is looking right now if they get him fuck National they gon need a international schedule. Let’s just say a lot of RDU 12u parents aren’t happy as well, they all made sorry statuses but truth is they were very sad and mad at how the team look.

Now, what about that 8u eagles, James Davis gave us all good hope after beating the 1 team but his sorry ass made a lot of us lose money in the ship! He was so busy worried about looking good in the game he forgot to win. 9u Lamborghini kids! Let’s just say THEY KICK ASS! That’s all! 10u was a site to see!!! Shawn GOAT moffett Vs Jacques Lou Kane gave the city a show! Shawn was the people favorite but instantly Lou Kane dialed up some shit to stop Shawn. FU has a nice ass team but RDU was too much for them. Coach Shawn stated “I wish Dee big breast ass was still here so I can lay my tired head on em”. The people say Shawn will for sure beat Lou regular season after he learn quickly he can’t win games off his old dream team name. Time to get back in the lab Moffett.

Keith SMOAK was seen at the games this weekend, surprisingly he still allowed due to his brawl he had at east metro with him pulling machetes and choppas out the car.

*Coach Ike ran off on a $500 bet….see page 12

*Ashley Marie defends Ike ….see page 13

*Dude post Ike’s phone number and Ashley still say it ain’t him …TF ….see page 14

This is a satirical website. Don't take it Seriously. It's a joke.

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