Two men wanted for suspicion of assault and theft

Tuesday 21 September 2059 44258 Shares

Two men wanted for suspicion of assault and theft

On Tuesday 5th of June 2020 at approximately 5:45pm 74 year old Eileen Osborne was walking her two golden retrievers, Betsy and sammy when she was approached by two men in a van, one jumped out and tackled her she was managing to fight him off until the younger one attacked her with what was said to be a spirit level and they threw the dogs in the van and fled from the scene, the dogs have been found but we are yet to find the suspects, Eileen has suffered multiple fractures in the scull and a broken arm she is currently recovering in hospital, although the attack has effected her mentally as she is afraid she can’t walk her dogs safely anymore because the men might come back for her.

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