Rapper Juice Wrld Found alive after Faking His death

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Rapper Juice Wrld Found alive after Faking His death

Rapper Juice Wrld Found alive after Faking His death as the title says juice wrld has been found alive and well and he was pulling back in the bahamas and said the only one who has known of him being alive was tripppie redd and he sometimes even visited him and juice wrld said me and trippie redd pulling back in the bahamas as this was a reference to his song with trippie redd called blastoff. Juice Wrld on an interview with genius said that he faked his death because he couldn't deal with his drug addictions anymore he sometimes abused his girlfriend becuase of different coloured pills and thought it was best for him to leave and go into some kind of rehab

It seems like the rehab have worked and he is no longer addicsted to drugs and he said lil bibby deleted the tweet because he just got to know that juice wrld was alive and he said don't release it without him recodring another verse about his death and he already reportedly recorded it and it goes like: Off White still on me till the time i was gone bitches still on my dick even ont eh bahamas ain't getting of that depressed shit anymore cause im happy

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