I-65 to Close at Indiana/Kentucky border 10/7-10/11/21

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I-65 to Close at Indiana/Kentucky border 10/7-10/11/21

A 10-mile stretch of North and South bound I-65 will be closed on Oct. 7, 2021 in the interest of safety after construction crews working to widen and rehabilitate the interstate between Indiana and Kentucky in Clark County detected movement in a supporting pier under the I-65 Abraham Lincoln Bridge. Project contractor Walsh Construction Co. will install steel supports to stabilize the bridge and geotechnical engineers from INDOT, Purdue University, and Walsh Construction reviewed designs and conducted tests to determine how to repair the bridge. Geotechnical construction crews will install micropiles, high-strength, small-diameter steel casings with rods and grout, through the footers of the existing center pier and deep into the soil to provide a long-term solution. During construction, I-65 northbound traffic will be detoured to Cincinnati. The repaired bridge will be opened to traffic on Oct.11, 2021. As a safety precaution, all bridges entering Kentucky from Indiana will be closed during these time for inspections and upgrades. Ferry passage will be the only route available. This is expected to put a major strain on commerce travel.

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