Posts of the day 2017-02-15

Police Find Satanic Ritual Dungeon Inside Abandon Johnson City Skate Park.
Deerfield woman gives birth out of rectum
Jeannie Smith Detained for Stopping Traffic in Downtown Taylorsville
Coming to south zanesville
Big Foot sighting in South Zanesville
Breaking News: President Trump says the wall will not be built
Teenage boy died in car wreck
Hopkinsville teen arrested for stealing St. Bernard puppy
Hopkinsville teen dies of dying her hair too much
Coach Bell says "Its a new Era here in Foxborough" after brady goes to Cowboys- Jack Armstrong couldnt be happier
Pats fire Bellicheck Hire Jack Bell to impose his "run the ball stop the run" philosophy
Raptors refuse to give Shane "SJ" Johnston max money. Armstrong hasnt been more angry in his life
Raptors get a bruiser down low in johnston
Eden John Gets 99 ovr on WNBA 2k- Fans are outraged "Get that Garbage putta here" says Jack Armstrong
Sj is furious and Jack Armstrong is furious
Your love for broccoli may change!
Teacher necks herself watching JV Girls game at Miramichi Valley High
Miramichi team officially kicked out of JV Girls Basketball league after 30 consecutive 30+ point losses Eden John is picked up by the Vedettes for showing off her mean Hesi and breaking her teammates Ankles
Eric really doesn't like broccoli
Jack Armstrong says Eden John has real WNBA Talent a "Hesitation Stunner"
Anna Smith Dropped by MV JV Girls Basketball Team- Jack Armstrong doesn't know who the hell she is
Kings get Van Vleet in big deal- Only "Real" NBA Fans Care And Jack Armstrong Is Furious
Browns deal First Pick to Kings- Sacramento to participate in 2017 NFL Drft
Brady signs with Jacksonville and jack Armstrong is furious
Jimmy Garropolo Traded for Lebron James- Gronk to Browns in Blockbuster
Jacoby Brissett traded for DeMar Derozan
Lebron signs with the patriots and Jack Armstrong is furious
Demar Derozan Is Confirmed Killer of Kyle Lowery 'Jack Armstrong is taking Anger Manegment Classes
Donald trump legalized cocaine and jack Armstrong is furious
Kyle Lowry dies and Jack Armstrong is furious
Donald trump legalized cocaine in 5 states
Trump Legalizes Medical Cocaine-Protests Breakout Nationwide
Kd traded for lebron and jack Armstrong isn't getting happier
Cavaliers playing Carmelo Anthony at starting center
Kd headed to Cleveland for lebron and jack Armstrong is still furious
Jay Montana caught Dick riding
Sully gets sent to GS for klay and jack Armstrong is furious
Sully traded to dubs for klay and jack Armstrong is pissed
Cuban president impeached AGAIN
Zanesville up grade
Carmelo to Cleveland in Blockbuster deal