Posts of the day 2017-05-01

Kid in bike gets ran over and dies
Teen Dies After Getting Ass Fucked by Five Black Males and Bleeding Out of His Exploded Rectum
There are rumours that is deleting sound accounts
Cat Died In Winnipeg Home Shot By KierraBrooklyn
R.i.p Hannah Thomas
Just say no
The real Obama, and what he was hiding all this time.
BREAKING NEWS: House fire on Manitoba ave.
The Florida Man strikes again: How an obese man became a supervillain by punching a toddler
Thunder Bay Police looking for the whereabouts of Clinton Ostamas (06/11/93)
Local man asks doctor for Penis Enlargement.
Young Aboriginal man assrested for fingering his own ass in public
Trump in fake news scandal.
Local boys cause a ruckus in Swan
Girl still starves to death after meal
Local Student Micheal Ward from AI Prince tech for having sexual contact with a Teacher
22 year old dies after being fingered by girlfriend
Russian hockey player suspended for 14 games
FDA legalizes distribution of cocaine in 3 states
Is Venus next?
Three men found dead in a suana
Hailey kidnapped
Welfare in oxford house, MB is cancelled
35 Aboriginal man dies after girlfriend has to many drinks
Arthurson plans to have a free social when he gets in council
Zombie apocalypse in Cross Lake, Manitoba
Teen musician of chester to tour this summer
Patrick Laine and Connor Hellebuyck for Carey Price and Phillip Danault
Wild butthole , on the lose in p.a ,police reports
Golden state
Carey price johnathan quick
Paul George to Portland?
Missing 26 man
Holbein Lady Spreading Fake News
31 Year Old Man From Churchill Manitoba rides Polar Bear
Fake News
Teen arrested in shooting
Fake News Alert
21 year old arrested for taking his neighbours pets
Donald Trump caught having sex with goat