Posts of the day 2017-06-27

Racer Tvs "Pit Stop Talk" with :Clay Smith
DB Cooper makes brief appearance on KY Lake booze cruise
Bigfoot spotted in Lower Donaldson Creek area
Manbearpig at the rock quarry
People believe anything on the internet.
Katie Abney Voted Most Gullible Person in America
DUI Checkpoints
Movie Production Company has sights set on Shelbyville, Ky
Two Great White Sharks found swimming in Arkansas River Near Clarksville, Arkansas
Ugly person
Facebook to be temporarily offline for maintenance : BACKUP PHOTOS TO PREVENT LOSS
Carroll County Man Catches Trophy
Fisherman catches 'The Big One' near Paris Landing
Shark Siting in Geist Has Boaters On High Alert
Chick-Fil-A coming to Glasgow, KY in 2019
Central City Mayor speaks out on Trumpcare
Local Man Duped By 'Bull Shark in Kentucky Lake' Headline
Fishing Ban Expanded
Venomous Breeder Beds found in Ballard and Massac creek beds
Two Great Whites found in Beattyville, Ky
Marijuana Laws
Corrupt Mayor!
Emilee Runner changes name to Emilee sleeper!
Man boy the name of michael anthony coffey got jail for 8 years and her's y !!
Man arrested for being "too sexy"
Man boy the name of mi hael anthony coffey got jail for 8 years and her's y!!
Dinosaurs aren't so extinct....
Chihuahua suddenly die's
Famous Poodle spotted in Kentucky Lake!
Baby Alert
Anoder man in abbeyfeale wanted gutgh selling drugs in abbeyfeale thomas obrjen
Neola Watkins
Mountain lion spotted near Flat Creek cemetary
No fish to be caught until Sept!