Posts of the day 2017-07-07

Herb Morgan Announces Deal To Acquire San Diego Padres
U.S. President Donald Trump calls Rachel Maddow an "unattractive waste of airtime"
Brandon Lott faces federal charges
Deer season
Woman Stole From Walmart
Man Thinks Louisville Won 2013 Championship
Franco Alva worst Ping Pong Player Ever?
Breaking News! Local Hartford City man charge with excessive flatulance by local judge.
Mayor found to be responsible for mispelling Terrorism on Memeorial
Josh Bailey transgender surgery successful
Phoenix Man Arrested in Central Phoenix for holding up a sign that read, "Free Blow Jobs"
Logan Keifling scores huge on European History exam.
Universal Life Church names Rev. Bobby Decelles as Wisconsin's favorite Wedding Officiant
Nelson wins the biggest bag of dicks, EVER!
Brian Cook wins Coorporate Service Manager of the Year!
Big head gets stuck in port-a-pottie
This just in, Eugene is a jerk!
Man wanted in public urination case.
Eugene and Sam, booos all around
Raiders' Carr Under Federal Investigation
Associated's Marvin Gutierrez Leads Associated Snacks to the highest grossing month EVER!
Indianapolis man known only as 'Sonny Weeds' jailed on charges related to "blowing weed smoke in neighbor's dogs ear".
Many Midwest Countries Out Of Crude Oil and Luck
Snake spotted in village park
Homosassa couple invited to Summit by Trump
Thirty Rejected Vehicle Names
Mob boss hiding in the deep south!
Lillian Ace signs with the Chargers
Taylor Swift retires from music
Curtis Manuel Arrested for excessive chap stick use
Mexican doctor and marijuana activist Jorge Garza Gómez on a high after Supreme Court ruling
AMC student mistaken as Cathy Freeman at local Coles
Bassist Wins Powerball and Becomes Contractor
Quentin Herron Found Shot On 12th & Woodland
Indianapolis Man Gets Out of Bed to Smoke Weed, Returns to Bed Shortly Thereafter
Beth Campbell is actually a space alien!
Glee is coming back
Teddy bears run loose in Lyndhurst
Abeer Awad named hottest woman ever
Awad and Tarik fight catch me outside girl
Traffic jam causes Brandon Weber to miss work for 4 days
Johnstown middle school closes
Paul Bailey runs naked through the vilage
Big foot spotted in Nelson County, Virginia
Young girls caught after high speed cgase
20th Century Relic Found Dead After Leaving Smart Phone At Home
Greensburg Man Wearing Helmet Drives Hearse With Flames Into Apartment Building
Goatman spotted in Fairdale Ky
Mary had a little lamb
Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson go public
Retiree believing Alligators are in Beech Grove, Indiana Causes Massive Panic and Housing Selloff
Man Goes Crazy in Central Park,Johnstown,pa
Aaron Rodgers sex scandle
UNC to vacate last two National Championships
Young Living - After party - Live your Passion Rally July 2017
Kevin Moya Under Investigation
Trey peters arrested after sucking dick for cigarettes
Greg Schiano Walks In On Urban Meyer Hanging Out With Teenage Girls And Pretends Like He Never Saw It
Tom Curren urinates on sea turtle in drunkin cocaine fueled rage!
Tom Curren urinates on sea turtle in drunkin cocaine fuel rage!
Pittsburgh Girl Posts Fake News
Ruth Macello Gets Hygiene Award