Posts of the day 2017-07-08

Luke Gibson is Fake News
Sasquatch and Family Spotted at Putter-A-Round Mini Golf In Harrisonburg VA.
Frances Gibby wanted for speeding and reckless driving
Local Dog sets new Guinness Record
Local Dog sets new Guiness Record
Arrested for Stalking
Drunkenness Man molests 11 Chimpanzees at San Diego Zoo
Vacationer finds Jimmy Hoffa ring in alligator
Sasquatch sighted in Stuart's Draft
Daniel Sepulveda Under Investigation for Selling Elotes Without a License.
East Chicago Central Failing Student Caught Getting Trained
Bigfoot was seen at The Wave car wash in Verona
Massive Herd of Elephants Spotted Loose In Madison, Georgia
Angels beat Rangers 2,705 - 3
Bigfoot spotted in Mount Sidney!
Breaking News Young Woman From Dyke Virginia Angers Former UFC Champion Rhonda Rousey
Gypsy Hill Park to shut down after this summer
Coal Mine reopens in Cle Elum
Arizona man falls asleep during Tax hearing
Man falls asleep during Tax hearing
Jacob Vargas voted cutest baby of 2017
After winning one million dollars
Storm knocks out lights at GABP
Karl Burris murders small squirrel
Dumb and chew the gum
Florida man wins 1 million dollars
Flatulence scientifically proven to be safer than Solar or Nuclear!
Family pays $1M to take home dolphin
Violis Patrick Carroll goes Vegan for the animals.
Tipperary man scoops €28.6m jackpot
Man dies mowing lLawns
Bigfoot Spotted Near Deam Lake
Trump Claims Naiman Reports Fake News! For the First Time Ever He's Right.
New restaurant open in shoals
Streator IL Girl Almost Sets Worlds Record For Balancing A Ball On Her Arms
Erie drummer under fire!
Well-Known Bay Area DJ Gets Lost Inside Romper
Russell Wilson Under Federal Investigation
Multi Vehicle Accident Reported in Show Low AZ
Local Nurse Wins Powerball
Sasquatch spotted at Marshalls plant in Bridgewater Va
Studies Show Liberals Prefer "Fake News" Over Facts
Nothing happened