Posts of the day 2017-07-11

Local Lottery Winner in Fayette County.
Russian President Putin Calls Trudeau "TwatWaffle" on Twitter
If you click this you will get rich!
Doerksen gets 8th circumcision -
BREAKING NEWS- Breaking News stories probably aren't
Justin Trudeau attending the Edmonton Stampede according to press release. ?
Justin Trudeau stated he is attending the Edmonton Stampede on July 15th?
New Study Shows Women Love Digital Stim
Habs Trade Price, Weber to Oilers for McDavid
Habs Trade Price and Weber to Oilers for McDavid
Darian Melton to star in a popular AMC series this fall
Love's being in the Sun !
Unconfirmed "Megaton Yield" nuclear detonations.
President Trump designates official "Day of Rest" for women
Big foot spotted in Millboro VA
Scientist Make Breakthrough: Dog Bark Translator
Trump Video Confirms He Killed Harambe
Multiple UFO's Spotted In Roanoke City
President Trump's Wallet Goes Missing
Virginia deer hunting
My Sister's Doll Clothes Bought By Large Corporation
Secretary dooms sawmill operation in southwest Missouri
Floyd Mayweather backs out of fight with McGregor
Person Mindlessly Forwards Marshmallow News
Long Branch New Jersey Army Reserve Officer severely wounded in Mogadishu Somalia listed among the casualties in raid to capture war lord.
Man wanted for questioning in Newton and Jasper County
The fight for Eastling 78. Operation Desert Storm.
Billy Brown Gone Missing...New Boston NH
All inbound flights to South Korea Cancelled
Big Foot Siting Confirmed In West Branch ,MI.
Rock Falls man observed defecating on neighbors lawn
Every Kyle is a Kyle's
Power outage in Clay WV
Demolition derby
Man And Cat Set World Record For Watching YouTube Videos For Cats
Porn actor stills a lollipop from a orphan .
This Guy Fucks Just As Hard As He Makes You Laugh
Sasquatch found at Bowhunters of Rockingham
New Macdonalds to be built in clay
Loch ness monster
Mermaid Escapes Ocean!
The mr and ms deaedpool
Sighting of bigfoot in glassgow va
Morons, Idiots, and the Gullible Abound in Virginia
Anton is our secret source
Prank News Story Fools Thousands
Jake Carlin voted coolest guy on earth
These balls are tucked
Selling Drugs at a Place of Worship!