Posts of the day 2017-07-15

Zombie Horde Attacks President Trump At Mar-A-Lago
Local Businessman Fined $260 for his revolting and unpalatable flatulence
Bologna declared "World's Most Perfect Food"
President Trump Shock Resignation Announcement
Sky changes colors
Local Facebook Group Moderator Held Hostage, Police Refuse to Respond or Negotiate.
Suspect dressed as a manly woman
Director Greg McKay to walk away from Gig at DCS saying "Kids don't have a 4th Amendment, Right?"
War coming to the USA
Director Greg McKay to walk away from Gig at DCS saying "Kids don't have a 4th Amendment Right"
Jerry Brown finds a way to save his bullet train
Stealing cheese out of dollar general
Stealing out of walmart
Simmons high school PLUS Leland High School EQUALS HELL
People still falling for fake news on Facebook
Young Black Male Caught Sucking Dick Behind Double Quick For The 2nd Time
OJ Finally Admits the Truth!!!
1967-1969 Camaro's
New Dress Code laws on Virginia Beaches
400 Pound Solid GOLD Boulder found in Jefferson County
Man in Geogia Prosecuted for sharing fake news from Satire Websites on Social Media
Donald Trump Vows to Uncover The Secrets of Area 51 By Executive Order
UFO in croton, OH
HIV is back
Brandon Peterson won 1,000,000 on a jackpot drawing for uwinit
Linda singleton falls for fake post.
Elvis Presley and Tupac, found ALIVE!!
Waffle House Closing The Doors
Garrett County man facing up to 25 years
Port Clinton Bans Poor Tourists
Jeff Kimura retires and moves away
Jeff Kimura retires and moves away.
Jeff Kimura retires and moves.
Animal Jam Is In Love With Spikes
Increased highway patrol presence in International falls, MN
The Difference in Kelly
Local Woman Stars in Dating Show
Local New Orleans Haunt Targeted for Jinxes
Confirmed! UFO Crash at Indian Run Reservoir in Pottsville, PA.
Huge Fish Caught by fisherman in Maricopa AZ
A Big Named Pagan Gives New Meaning to Toilet Plume
Alien Walrus Found in Zoo at Tracy!
Cowboys pass on Williams
Xbox 360s and games are going out of stock in 2018
Don Phinney wins Congressional seat
Softball Singer set to Retire
Green lake overloaded with leeches
There was actually Assassin's history
Local couple named the new bonnie and clyde!!
Bigfoot baby born in park city utah
Man wanted in possible cock fighting ring
Chargers came out the closet
Erie Michigan residents warned about brownie thieves
BREAKING: Legendary Naturalist David Attenborough dead at 91
Never bully no one that didn't do nothing to you
Giant Anaconda Virginia
Users eagerly await release of Steve-P; Steve-N is out of date, Steve-O is buggy
Study shows Cyber Security professionals more prone to going crazy at work.
Everything you read is not real or true..