Posts of the day 2017-07-18

Pa resident harvests a squatch
City of Hamilton to crack down on unlicensed bartenders.
BREAKING NEWS President Trump
New York man finds his TV remote!!!
Well then......
.ew York man finds his TV remote!!!
Jay-z signs new artist out of Garland, Tx "Him"
GM to Quit Manufacturing Gas Powered Cars by 2020
Curriculum Snatch Chokes the Shit Out of Vocational Teacher
Family Friends say Urban Meyer is Ready To Fake Heart Attack To Go to Dream Job ND
Once again..... Clowns found in Hudson, Mi
Franklin county Missouri man is wanted for questioning for the murder of Zach Battles
Mandeeps Business Cards Drown in Coffee
Man discovered to be a donkey in disguise on live television.
Cape Cod man wins Lucky For Life , Quits job spectacularly
Theresa Caputo dies at age 51
A Skunks Revenge
Donald Trump is coming to Owingsville Kentucky
Charles Nicholls Shoots 165 in one Golf game!
Fisting Midgets to become Olympic Sport
Charles Nichols Shoots 165 in one Golf game!
Bodies found where school is to be built
The True Cause Of Global Warming
Shooting downtown Ft Wayne leaving 3 people in serious condition and 2 people under arrest without ID
Rachel Lynn won the Lottery
Fish throwing themselves from the ocean!
Caught shoplifting
Meat clerk suspected of murder
Part-time Roadie for Molly Hatchet wins Lotto twice in two days
Two Logan,Ohio men are to be in the lead float at the grand pride parade.
Big shlong
Andolph Edmonson was a fake account
Cadillac/Wexford Transit Authority To Repaint "Booger Buses"
Man wanted!
Palatine Ked Wanted for Theft of Multiple Motor Scooters and Possible Multiple Homicides
Killer bees
Great White found in Ohio River
New Internet Filter Does Not Allow Lies
Restaurant in NJ, changes ownership, and style
Local Musican, Comic and Improviser Cast
Bigfoot found on shore by campers a big fat lie
Two Goofs Fall In Love With Each Others Goof, Become Top Goofs
Menhaden in jeopardy due to novice fisherman
Trump Orders Hillary Clintons Arrest
Donald Trump To grant clemency To El Chapo Guzman
Update: Dead Bigfoot Confirmed at Elephant Butte Lake, NM
Crystal Beach Amusment Park Is Returning
DELHI ONT , HIV infection spread by garlic farmer to customers
Thanh niên nga?o ?a? muô?n ca?p ca? thê? gi??i se? la?m gi??
Joe woods sleeps with darrin
Heat Generated by Mobile Phones Major Cause of Global Warming
Man is upset over loss of penis
Talk of New Flyer pulling out of septa
Donald Trump admits to having an affair
Tony's New Job
After Manson is Paroled, a Well Known Celebrity Offers a Helping Hand
Fake News is Easy to Publish says Marc
Michelle Hummel & Charles Manson to be released on parole, to Johnson County, TX
The Cowardly Lion recants his request for courage.
Test of this Sit
Ron Dukarski Voted Sexiest Bartender in Sevier County
Carson Wentz tears ACL
Leakesville woman wanted for shrimp murder
Left Handed Newspapers Hit the News Stands
Izombie scandal
Riverdale Cancelled
War Veteran Flashes old lady in Walmart Parking Lot
New RUSH Guitarist
Norman Reedus will no longer be single. He was just engaged to an Ohio native.
Corey Summers
Yanks announce Chapman moved into rotation
Where could he be?
Martha has a thing for tyler
Man accused of stealing over 330,000,000 from local banks in London Ontario
Condo Residents Storm Management Office
Wichita Falls couple wins Lottery!
Gullible Facebook users think this website is real news
Yankees acquire Todd Frazier and David Robertson
Free wine for mom
Gullible Facebook users this this website is real news
Pink Cars are the Rage in 2017
Fine cup of tea looking for LOVE
Local man Anthony Bandy catches new record
Man saves 6 children from 12 ft. Alligator
Tracy Ratcliff
Federal Bureau of Prisons to shut down 3 prisons in Pennsylvania by December 2017
Jasper Mall To Expand
Boosie set for a free concert at Biloxi
Aliens seen
Woman steals money off of a blind man!
Dental Assistant programs in Tennessee ban Mexicans and Royals from programs starting August 2017
WAR ON DEAD Rages on from Eyes of the Living
East Coast Canadian, Dorothy Pace, wins first place at this year's World Fudge Competition in Austria
MDoC finds new use for Trout
Local Man Knows