Posts of the day 2017-07-19

Being Immature pays in the long run
Fleming County Man Wanted
Pauly Shore found dead in coolidge park
Kate is attacked by a google of dicks
Sasquatch Gender Confirmation
Local Man Wanted For Flying Drone Near Nuclear Power Plant
Trump and Pence caught in White House explosion both fatally injured.
Colton Slatton robbings
Florida man who won a Million Dollars for a song writing contest has donated it all
IT Network Administrator Named The Greatest L.A. County Employee Of All Time
Tupac alive!
UFO in Fresno airport
Rossville teen ; Timothy C. Cox in custody for 3rd degree Murder
Official! Chip Fisher running for President in 2020
Yancey County To build movie theater and shopping center
Dude Looks Like a Lady
Justin biebers house just been sold
A teen from Tennessee named Alton McCullum get a visit to the university of Michigan for a full scholarship
Barrels & Sons Brewery Announce Plans to Purchase Minnesota Brewery
Local Fleming County man Wanted
Kaepernick Signs 3 year contract with the Bills
Great White Shark found in Crater Lake
Short, Brown-haired Men Make The Best Husbands, Study Finds
Dani believes too much internet news!
Smoking Pot is dangerous to mens health
Sport bikes to be required by law to have police issued GPS units by 2018
Identity of Sasquatch Found!
Okemos shopping mall set ablaze in apparent terrorist attack
Shirtless, America-Crazed Hoodlum Terrorizes Google Hangouts
Allegheny Maintenance L.L.C. to be voted the greater Pittsburgh area's top Sanitary Service
Allegheny Maintenance L.L.C. to be voted the greater Pittsburgh area's 1 Window Cleaning Company
Arby's in the old Burger King building in Forrest City Arkansas
Gov Christie will be using contaminated waters in Connecticut this weekend
ESports Teams Cloud9 and EchoFox To Merge
Local Rockstar Ed Santarelli inks tour deal with Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band
President Trump to visit Sheakleyville fair
Frogs take over Butler Pennsylvania community pond
Helena man gets nose surgery after nose gets stuck in Trumps but
Urban Meyer and R Kelly To Open Teen Club
CONFIRMED: Cristiano Ronaldo has reportedly agreed a world record deal with Manchester United.
Dog impregnates cat
Missing Mike is found
Local teens terrorizing neighborhood
Edward cuevas Wanted by FBI
NY Times
Woman sounds like scooby doo after freak accident at subway ?
New nightclub opening in My. Holly, NC.
Sidney Destiny Beam Sentenced to 7 years in Jail
School days coming soon
Call Of Duty franchise is thru
Williamston MI. to Build Nuclear Power Plant
Group 100 audiologists prove scientifically that Pink Floyd is the greatest band of all time
Aliens found in Tamerack lake
Charles Manson back in prison after violating his parole in Johnson County, TX
Zachary marries a candle maker.
Bethune next World Champ?
Hillary arrested
Medical scientists warn - Prolonged aquarium viewing may cause seizures.
Aliens invade Milwaukee
Bear cub spotted
Sweet Serenity cupcakes in Grove City Linked in 4 cases of severe diarrhea and yeast infections.
Snow in July!!
Kelly McClearn is in the hunt for 1 draft pick for USSSA Pride as DH for 2018 season
New law in Pinellas CountyFL prohibits hiding painted rocks in public places.
Camryn Billig writing her own ticket to Florida State
Luckiest couple on earth wins the lottery.
AIDS a terror of the 80's dies of complications associated with D9 batting clinic
24 news fox spotted
Ohio Turnpike Worker Proud
Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick Statement on Governor Abbott’s Proclamation on the Upcoming Special Session
Blockbuster trade.
Police not playing at Petes Playhouse
Cubs make blockbuster trade.
Hank Williams Jr and Lynyrd Skynyrd cancel indiana concert
Scottsdale LaQuinta
Vertically Challenged Superhero
Sasquatch found in Fern, Pa
CNN says that Americans really voted for Trump
I_eaturface Shares Some Deep Stuff
People from Mobridge SD Live Longer
Man Lights Farts,Home Expolodes ,Escapes Unharmed
Joel Perlman untied bellybutton, creates black hole and event horizon.
Jacksonville Beach man finds almost a million in gold coins