Posts of the day 2017-09-16

Warning: Top sign the girl you like will never like you
Blair sheriff posts fake news!
Blair sheriff posts take mews
No more Mr. Good bar
Jimin and Jungkook from BTS Engaged?!
Fried Chicken to be considered as the international food...
Poodle Cross Breeds Soon Illegal?
Seen in Windsor
Takis will be removed in 2017
Liberals want Christmas canceled
Takis will be removed
Abby Palmer named clumsiest person alive
FCA going bankrupt, will close doors completely before 2018
Kimi Pluchas Estevao wins best looking pup award
Businessmen Start TV Programming
Sharon Landrum named President of the World
Beer Watch
Trojan condoms
Funny kitten videos on the rise!!!
Trump to ban Reese's candy from U.S. Stores
Serial killer loose in clark county indiana
Study shows people who own motorcycles are motorcycle owners
Dogs made into new candy!
Mushroom Festival draws 3 million visitors, but townsfolk are asking if it pays off
Tom Brady could miss up to 5 Weeks with Quad Injury.
Donald Trump Resigns As President
Raleigh County approves annexation of Sophia
Regie Pinat is no longer Papang!
Secreatry General of the U.N. considers banning Internet, claiming "There is no way to tell fake news from real news."
Trump Resigns! Mike Pence is 46th POTUS!
Firefighter haunted by memories of band camp.
Sailfish caught in Grand Lake
Firefighter haunted by memories of band camp.
Cigarette outlet
Pick up Trucks with stacks studies show owners are gay and wish they can drive a real truck.
Potato Shortage
Wal-Mart to close 2100+ stores by Christmas 2017
New bundle of joy!!!
Major RECALL On Toyota Avalons
Young man caught selling "Boy"
Be on the look out for this lady
Detroit, Flint, and Toledo all make this list of the top 10 coolest cities in America
Transgender Man Sexually Identifies as "Box of Rocks"
Braking news school all year round 365 days
Jessica Cardoso SEX TAPE LEAKED
RCCL Cruises Oasis class for just $199
Mary had a little Lambs
Xbox One sold to Russians
Shooting in Garfield Senior High School
Palm city trailer park sold, new auto dealership to take over land and open bussiness
World War 3?
Small Business Tax
Deer season closed this year to help repopulation efforts
Chicago teen arrested for armed robbery
Diane I am eating at teco bell
Fighting for the cause!
World's Favorite Candy to Remain on Shelves!!!
North Korean Leader Comes Out
Danielle you owe me money
Border Grill Says Farewell To Its Beloved Orange "Border Sauce"
Anyone Can Create Any Story They Like Here and "Prank" Their Friends.
Que todas las tienda walmar wan a cerrar
The goats are in outrage!
Lisa Johnson named Mayor of Niagara Falls
Epcot ball closed due to infrastructure damage by hurricane Irma.
Vin Diesel finally "officially" out of the closet?
Hillary Agrees with Trump
Zealanders rush to Walmart
Poles & Venezuelans : the match made in heaven
President Trump Cuts Off All Funding For Marion Ohio
Death Fish?
Trump/Putin's Macedonian Troll Farm Staffed by Actual Trolls
Barber foods is being shut down as of 12/17
Half Life 3 Release Date Set
Facebook User Believes Everything Friends Post on Facebook - Almost
Coachella Criminal and Former Football Star, Chico Brown, breaks out of prison
The Turtle
Portland,Tn to be renamed to Unipresland
Horror movie sparks "Red Car Rage" attacks!
Woman gives birth strange baby with horn
Woman gives birth to starnge baby with horn
New species of snake found at Indian Lake State Park
Hurricane Lemon
Insomniac drops Electric Forest from its line up.